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You don’t have to change, just be the best YOU, you can be!!! I understand that you want to be someone else… So do I. But there’s only one you!! I understand it’s hard to love yourself when you don’t want to even be yourself. You just have to learn to love what you’ve got and work on that. 

I 100% understand your reason to eat healthy and work out, I need to too. But you have to promise me you’ll do it the right way. I’m even closer to Nana’s height and I’m still not her weight. I hope you know she is severely under weight. She is 5’7 and 112 lbs. That’s NOT healthy despite what anyone says. I tried to lose weight… So I could look like Nana… I just wanted to be like her… I did lose weight, but not in a healthy way… But then I realized that I lost all my muscle, I wasn’t happy because I had no nutrition and I felt just as bad about my self as I did when I started. You have to lose weight and do things the right way or you’ll pay for it in your physical and mental health and be even unhappier. 

There is NO perfect. Let me repeat THERE. IS. NO. PERFECT. ANd any one who says so is fake or a fucking liar. We are all people. We all flaw. We are different for a reason, there is NO ideal because we are all meant to be our selfs and not other people.

Here are the facts you aren’t Nana. I’m not either. Of course I want to look like her but I don’t. I know what it feels like to be the odd one out… It sucks yeah but just embrace it. If you’re going to be you (WHICH YOU CANT CHAGE) then why not be the best you, you can be?? I know how awful it is to stand in the mirror and hate every inch of yourself.. to be quite honest… I still do a little… But I’ve found people who love me for who I am and I’ve realized that they will love me no matter what. I questioned why I even wanted to change in the first place. I wondered why I was comparing myself to people who I wasn’t. 

I don’t care WHAT you physically look like because I love my friend Karla, not anyone else. You’re a smiler and a laugher and you’re always happy. You’re a nice, positive human being, so start thinking like you are. Spend your time inspiring and not unraveling. It makes me sad to see beautiful girls not realize how beautiful they truly are. 

((When I was having serious issues I watched this and it inspired me to do things the right way. (I’ve cried every single time i’ve seen it))

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hey lets play how hot is that character

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I want kids but I don’t wanna be pregnant or give birth but I don’t wanna adopt either because I want them to be mine. See my problem?
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Wow. That’s a pretty shitty thing to say. What do you mean not yours? Are you seriously THAT shallow that it matters if your children what DNA your children have? If you really loved your kids unconditionally, WHOS BODY they came from wouldn’t not be an issue.

Starting Supernatural!! I’m exited!!
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watching camp rock with friends is just as awkward as watching porn with friends perfexoxotion

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